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Transformative Wave’s CATALYST is North America’s Leading Efficiency Solution for Constant Volume HVAC Systems.

The CATALYST is more than a variable frequency drive (VFD).  It is a comprehensive HVAC energy efficiency upgrade that converts RTUs into dynamic part load systems, matching the energy use to the true needs of the occupied space.

If your facilities rely on RTUs, you’ve got to see this!   More Detail

We are a local small business that has the benefit of an extremely diverse work force.  Being a union shop we benefit from a state apprenticeship program that requires thousands of hours of school and hands on experience.  We also continue to train our staff in house to stay up on all of the latest technology and processes relevant to our industry.

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"I just wanted to thank you and your company, Dillett Mechanical, for the exceptional service you provide when we call you for service. Your fast response and professionalism is greatly appreciated. It's nice to get a live person instead of an answering machine when I call after hours. All your technicians and installers are very pleasant to work with as well as knowledgeable in all areas in the H.V.A.C and plumbing industry. - West Park Place Assisted Living Facility
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